Issued and Pending IP

New patent application will be filed for each new composition of matter agent discovered:

  1. Solid phase synthesis of oligonucleotides with stereospecific substituted phosphonate linkages by pentavalent Grignard coupling (Patent number: 5703223).
  2. Composition and method for targeted integration into cells (Patent number: 5958775).
  3. Peptide nucleic acid conjugates (Patent number: 6180767).
  4. Antigenomic oligodeoxynucleotides for treatment of infection by negative-stranded nonsegmented RNA viruses (Patent number: 6355621).

Thomas Jefferson University filed PCT/US2015/015681 "Compositions and Methods of Using MicroRNA Inhibitors" on 12 Feb 2015 (exclusive licensed to Bound Therapeutics, National phase 12 Aug 2016 for US, EU, Japan).