Scientific Advisors

Chi Van Dang, M.D., Ph.D.

Pre-Clinical and Clinical Oncology Expert

Dr. Dang is the Scientific Director of the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research. He successfully launched several Translational Centers of Excellence, which propel teams of scientists, nurses, and clinicians to reach for the cure for various cancers. Dr. Dang established the Center for Personalized Diagnostics and the Basser Research Center for BRCA. He has held numerous international awards, including an NIH/NCI MERIT award.

Lihe Zhang, Ph.D.

RNA Therapeutics Expert

Dr. Zhang is the Dean of School of Pharmaceutical Sciences at Beijing Medical University. He is also the Director of the National Key Laboratory of Natural and Biomimetic Drugs, and an elected member of Chinese Academy of Sciences. Dr. Zhang is an expert in the chemistry of nucleic acids and anticancer and antiviral drugs. He has 120 publications, 2 patents and 2 books.