Program & Pipeline

triple negative breast cancer chart

About Triple Negative Breast Cancer

Triple negative breast cancer (TNBC) is an orphan disease that attacks young women, and it accounts for 20% of all breast cancers, striking about 46,000 American women each year. Only surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy are standard of care for TNBC. The current treatments only offer them a few years of survival.

About Lung Cancer

Lung cancer attacks more than 200,000 American men and women each year. Lung cancers are typically treated with surgery, chemotherapy or radiation therapy, or a combination of them. Targeted therapy is used for the treatment of advanced lung cancer. Blocking cancer-driving RNAs in lung cancer using our therapeutics platform offers novel approach for lung cancer targeted therapy.

Expandable Drug Pipeline

Besides triple negative breast cancer and lung cancer, our platform technology can be applied to other diseases, such as viral disease and inflammation.