Meet the Leadership

Phong Tran, USNR

Business Advisor

  • Preventive medicine officer
  • Contributed to 11 INDs, 4 NDAs with 32 years in the industry: RNA (Regulus, Ionis, Pfizer), GPCR, Peptide (Arena, Cortex, UCI, CoCensys, ACEA)
  • Director of BioPharma BD (Alfa Wassermann), Senior Director of SME RNA Pharmacology (WuXi AppTec)
  • Advisor to BioPharma and MedTech companies, and TechSpert, a consulting firm based in Cambridge, UK.

Eric Wickstrom, Ph.D.

Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer

  • Former Professor at Thomas Jefferson University
  • Pioneered antisense knockdown and PET imaging of cancer gene mRNA. Over 180 publications
  • $20M federal and private research grants. Eight awarded patents

Yuanyuan Jin, Ph.D.

Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer

  • 13 years of experience in antisense drug development and tissue targeted delivery to cancer
  • Inventor of paradigm shifting platform to block cancer-driving RNAs
  • One issued patent

Jason Mazzaroth, M.S.

Chief Technology Officer

  • Specialist in molecular dynamics, artificial intelligence, and bioinformatics for drug design
  • Inventor of Bound Therapeutics' proprietary computer program for molecular design